Saturday, July 4, 2009   3:35 PM

Life on the Edge

"The Penguin" and "Roppongi" are not necessarily words you hear often in the same sentence, but as the unofficial backup concert photographer for these guys (i.e. the only person usually sober enough to hold and operate a camera) needs must be and last night I found myself at Club Edge, a live house location at the less disreputable end of Roppongi's main strip towards Azabu Juban.

Sunset Drive performing at Club Edge, Roppongi

Nice venue, though as it is on the second basement floor accessible (as far as I could see) through quite a narrow entrance way, the words "fire trap" spring to mind. More seriously, the bar ran out of beer at around 10pm, but not tequila, and as it has been more than a decade since The Penguin last had any involvement with this particular liquid, and The Penguin had evidently forgotten the hard-learned lesson of that era, i.e. the advisability of avoiding that devilish concoction at all costs.

The Penguin will not be going into details but would like to emphasise that the forehead injury was sustained as the result of a vicious and unprovoked attack by one of the walls in his apartment.

More photos:

Sunset Drive performing at Club Edge in Roppongi, Tokyo

Sunset Drive seen at Club Edge in Roppongi, Tokyo

Sunset Drive's Tosh at Club Edge in Roppongi, Tokyo

Sunset Drive playing at Club Edge in Roppongi, Tokyo

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The Penguin's plight is understood.

Me, I avoid spirits 99.9% of the time when others would rather that I didn't avoid them. (People drinking spirits can be so pushy.) They're pure evil.
Posted by: Mr D | 2009-07-04 21:38
I avoid tequila as much as possible, namely because I love it so much that consuming it pretty much assures that an ass will be made out of myself before the evening is through.
Posted by: john turningpin | 2009-07-04 23:39
Beer, and even stuff like whiskey and vodka, I can keep up at a steady pace all night if necessary (especially if I can sneak in the odd drink of something non-alcoholic in-between). Tequila on the other hand seems to pack a particularly nasty punch exacerbated by it coming in rounds to be knocked back in one gulp.
Posted by: ThePenguin | 2009-07-05 14:17
I always stick to fizzy pop, mam.
Posted by: ourmaninabiko | 2009-07-06 13:32
I played here a couple time while I was in Tokyo. It's a great club for amateurs.
Posted by: sixmats | 2009-07-10 21:16