Sunday, June 22, 2008   8:40 PM

Intercultural Relations

It's nice to see the Japanese-German relationship is still going strong, as demonstrated by these enthusiasts for traditional German garb at the Oktoberfest in Hibiya Park a few weeks ago.

Beer girls at Hibiya Park 

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The question is, how much did you drink and over how many small dogs did you throw up?
Posted by: Contamination | 2008-06-23 15:39
ok, so I know that Oktoberfest in Germany takes place in September... when do Japanese celebrate Oktober then?
Posted by: bleistifterin | 2008-06-23 18:13
@Contamination: IIRC correctly three or four glasses of Yokohama's finest wheat beer. There were no small dogs around (apologies if that is a reference to something I've failed to get, I've been living in a cave the last 16 years).

@bleistifterin: Ende Mai, Anfang Juni...
Posted by: ThePenguin | 2008-06-24 19:11