Wednesday, August 12, 2009   2:47 AM


Penguin graffiti in Tokyo

I'm not normally a fan of random graffiti,but felt unable to resist taking a picture of this one on Yamate-Dori near Hatsudai.

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That "Penguin Gang" is really making their mark. I hope the local police start a special task force to stomp out those delinquents before this problem gets any bigger.

Where the F__K are the police??? ;)
Posted by: Chris B | 2009-08-13 04:31
Come clean now: you did it yourself, didn't you?
Posted by: Mr D | 2009-08-13 15:11
Yeah, really, tagging the 'hood. Shame.
Posted by: Ed Ward | 2009-08-14 11:09
I would like to take this opportunity to expressly not comment on the vile and insidious rumours that I am leadee of a vicious criminal gang called the "Penguinos" which is currently protecting businesses in the western area of Tokyo from inexplicable violent incidents.
Posted by: ThePenguin | 2009-08-15 10:52
It's green.
Posted by: Our Man in Abiko | 2009-08-15 16:31
A penguin in summer!!!! Must be a code haha.
Posted by: Fukuoka Dreaming | 2009-08-27 04:32
Is it wearing a turban, a halo or a Hatoyama?

(sorry, after two weeks that was still the best I could do).
Posted by: Our Man in Abiko | 2009-08-30 06:46
@Fukuoka Dreaming: we are adapting to global warming. Soon we will invade the tropics and eat all your fish.

@Ourmani: finally someone has understood the portentous omen this image represents. You see, Hato = pigeon (a kind of bird, just like a penguin), which was seen on Yamate-dori.
Posted by: ThePenguin | 2009-08-31 03:13
That is right! The "Penguin Gang" is really making their mark. And the one on the penguin's head looks more like a turban to me. But a turban in Japan! That is something unusual ;)
Posted by: Atlas America | 2009-12-14 07:14
Penguin Gang with turban it is interesting. I think he enjoying the winter, but he is alone and missing some one, so come on and join the "Penguin Gang".
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Posted by: Oklahoma City Patio Furniture | 2010-02-14 09:48
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