Friday, July 31, 2009   4:14 AM

Club Fever

As the weekend draws near, it's a certain bet you can find ThePenguin down in the mosh pit of one of Tokyo's many "live house" locations showing the locals what he's made of.

Last night it was the turn of a new location, "Fever Popo" next to Setagaya's Shin-Daita station (one stop from Shimo Kitazawa) to see ThePenguin strut his moves [*]. On the playlist were (apart from some guys I missed due to being fashionably late) were:

Four Minutes to Midnight

Four Minutes til Midnight,

Tance Boy (箪笥ボーイ)

Tance Boy (箪笥ボーイ, actually three girls and one boy), and of course

Sunset Drive

Sunset Drive.

A fine time was had by all, and though I am of course a Sunset Drive groupie, I was quite taken by Tance Boy, who successfully combine hard(ish) rock and unpretentious fun.

[*] To and from the bar for purposes of purchasing beer.

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Looks like someone started his weekend a couple days early. No Mosh Pits in my part of the inaka :(

Nice Pics.
Posted by: Chris B | 2009-07-31 02:03