Friday, December 14, 2007   4:34 PM

Lovely Can'o'Tea

In Japan you're never far from a nice cuppa. Just head over to the nearest vending machine and grab a can of Royal Milk Tea for 120 yen. It comes pre-heated and contains 23% milk.

Royal Milk Tea

On second thoughts, don't. It tastes like - and in fact is - milky tea which has been kept warm in a can for a long time.



Im from Peru, and in doing a work about tea-milk vending machines in Japan, so i read your post and i guess you have a lot of information.

I want to know what brands of milk/tea vending machines ara still in the japan market, and what milk to mix it with the tea? or it doesn´t matter?

I hope you can help me.
Posted by: Angelica | 2011-05-17 22:29