FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Personal stuff people keep asking me

What do you mean by the "Far East" of Germany?
Berlin, which is almost as far east in Germany as you can go without hitting Poland (which is about 90 minutes away from my front door by public transport).
Are you a Mac or a PC person?
Hmm, more of a "*NIX" person: I use mainly UNIX-based or UNIX-similar systems; Linux (currently Ubuntu) on my main PC, and Max OS on my laptop (currently an Intel MacBook). I also work with FreeBSD and OpenBSD (makes an excellent router/firewall), and used to work with Solaris.

Technical stuff about this blog people keep asking me

What software does this blog use?
It runs on a CMS-style application of my own making. It's written mod_perl and uses PostgreSQL for the database backend.
Who designed the template?
Me. I'm not a web designer, but I enjoy the challenge. It's in constant need of improvement.

General stuff people keep asking me

Isn't there someone in Japan who has a penguin as a pet?
Why, yes there is! See That pet penguin for more information and video.