Sunday, December 7, 2008   8:58 AM

No Country for Old Men

...but if you're an old lady, Japan's ever-innovative entrepreneurs will welcome your silver yen with open arms.

The latest fashionable destination for ladies of a certain age ("well past 60 and very wrinkly") is Tamachi's Granpark Tower, an office/retail development packed to the brim with the hottest geriatric goods and surprisingly innovative services for seniors.

Granpark Tamachi

The modern granny is tech-savvy and, like all old people not needing as much sleep as when she was younger, will be happy to find the Gran Cyber Cafe catering to her cybering needs no matter what time of day or night it is.

Gran Cyber Cafe

But if Gran's fancies aren't tickled by "Internet & Comic", she can zimmerframe on over to Aomono Yokocho, where she can have her pachinko slot desires fulfilled at Gran Port.

Gran Port Pachinko Slot

Meanwhile Christmas is coming up fast, and what Gran wouldn't want to enjoy a session of Christmas Fantasy? Santa's little helpers will be extra-busy when the baa-san[*] brigade rolls in, that's for sure!

Gran Christmas Fantasy

[*] Japanese vernacular for "old lady"

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The "gran Christmas fantasy" really cracked me up. Further proof of my head-in-the-gutter, 14-year-old American sense of humor, I suppose...
Posted by: john turningpin | 2008-12-07 02:41
Posted by: Brian | 2008-12-07 06:34
Is Gran like Mom of Mom's Friendly Robots?
Posted by: Contamination | 2008-12-08 14:57
@JT: I hope you're not implying this entry is packed with cheap sexual innuendo?

@Contamination: due to having been living in a cave for the past decade, I had no idea what "Mom's Friendly Robots" was until I looked it up just now, so my answer is "possibly".
Posted by: ThePenguin | 2008-12-14 03:22