Wednesday, March 4, 2009   2:57 AM


Snow in Tokyo

Yes, it did snow last night (or more precisely in the early hours of this morning) but it vanished pretty quickly.

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I'm going to be a MEXT student from this April and I will certainely be at the soshigaya dormitory. As you went there, can I ask you a question ?
Is there a possibility to have Internet in your room, or is there a web café near the International House ? I wasn't able to find the answer on the Internet or on web pages devoted to soshigaya dormitories.
Thanks a lot for your answer ^^
Posted by: PM | 2009-03-05 23:51
Ah, well, back when The Penguin was in residence in Soshigaya, the Internet was barely emerging from its academic cradle and was still a thing of mystery to most people. There were two coin-operated (!) Macs in the computer room with dial-up internet access, but that was it. I imagine the situation has improved since then, it was certainly possible to have a telephone in the room, so it wouldn't surprise me if they now have some sort of campus-wide internet setup. Why not phone them up and ask?

As for internet cafes: there's not much in the way of businesses around the place itself anyway; if there are any, they'll be near the closest stations (Seijo Gakuenmae and Sengawa respectively).
Posted by: ThePenguin | 2009-03-06 05:25
Thank you very much for your answer!!
I'm sorry, I read your story but I didn't pay attention that the photos were taken in 1996. Yes, I hope that they improved their computer system :)
I tried to phone to Soshigaya House but the person on the line didn't really speak English and my Japanese is, hum...well, let's not talk about it!
Thanks again for taking the time to answer me and for all those precious informations. I learnt more about the dorm on your blog than on the Soshigaya/Jasso web page :D
Posted by: PM | 2009-03-06 08:21