Wednesday, July 12, 2006   9:14 PM

Walks in "Burning Tokyo" of the Sixties

60年代「燃える東京」を歩く 「60年代『燃える東京』を歩く」
60nendai "moeru Tokyo" wo aruku
BEAT, Takeshi (ビートたけし), HIDAKA, Tsunetaro (日高恒太郎) et al
JTB Publishing, Tokyo (2005)
ISBN 4-533-05963-5

By all accounts Tokyo was a pretty lively place in the 60s. There was an active left-wing political scene protesting against everything from the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty to airport expansion; the Beatles and all the rest of that sixties stuff reached Japan too; and even the criminals seem a lot more exciting then than they are now. This book gives a year-by-year account of events and provides walking maps of the areas they happened in.