Wednesday, July 12, 2006   8:35 PM

Tokyo Style - 東京スタイル

Tokyo Style - 東京スタイル TOKYO STYLE
TSUZUKI, Kyoichi (都築響一), Kyoto Shoin, Kyoto (1997)
ISBN 4-10-126351-5

Even if you spend any length of time in Tokyo, one kind of place you don't often get to see is the inside of people's apartments. That is the attraction of TOKYO STYLE: photographer Kyoichi Tsuzuki has taken dozens of photographs of Tokyoites' apartments as they are - ranging from the lowliest of student lodgings with their half-dozen tatami buried under piles of manga and dirty clothes to stylish apartments with nary a Japanese fitting in sight. This is not a book about fashion or interior design - it's a documentation of how people live in Tokyo, and is fascinating. Occasionally there are also exterior shots, which help put the living environment into perspective. However, no people feature in the photographs, which makes it hard to judge the scale of the rooms shown if you're not accustomed to them: they tend to appear more spacious than they really are.

It's available both in a large hardback version as well as the pocket-book size edition pictured here. I think it's also available from the TASCHEN VERLAG in Europe and North America. I also recall seeing photographs from Tsuzuki featuring apartments in the Kansai area as a serial in the magazine Spa, so presume these would be available as a book too.