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Thursday, May 5, 2005   5:35 AM


At home I avoid fast food "restaurants" wherever possible, not just for diet or ideological reasons. In Japan however I find them useful for shorter and longer breaks while on the move: they almost always have a non-smoking area (otherwise a rareity in Japan), it's possible to stay there for hours without being disturbed (apart from the raucous cries of feral kogals at the next table), and, most importantly, there's a reasonable chance of an open WLAN network in the immediate vicinity.

Fortunately Japan has its own native competitors to the omnipresent McD, which are always good for a cup of coffee (tip: if your primary aim is to drink good coffee, go elsewhere). I avoid the food usually. With one exception: the ebi burger.

Ebi-Burger - エビバーガー
"Ebi" burger - エビバーガー

Translated: "shrimp burger". This is only available at Lotteria (ロッテリア), and I have to admit to a strange liking for this uniquely Japanese taste experience. It is made with genuine shrimps, which was quite a breakthrough at the time it was introduced, at the beginning of the 70s, as until then shrimps were more of a high-class item.

Ebi Burger

History of the Ebi Burger (in Japanese)

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