Vending Machines

In Japan it seems you can buy almost anything from a vending machine. Here are some of the more unusual ones I've come across on my travels.

(Note to people arriving from search engines: I have never come across a "used panty vending machine", and the word on the street is that if they weren't just an urban legend, they were a passing fad of the late 80s / early 90s which now live on only in the voyeuristic ambitions of foreign media. The closest I can offer you is this new panty vending machine with what appears to be male and female "erotic" underwear.)

2009-09-27 21:01:00  2009-09-27 21:01:00

A load of bull?

First time I've seen this in a vending machine in Japan:

Red Bull in a vending machine in Japan

I wonder if they will offer a warm version for the cooler months?

2007-12-14 17:34:00  2007-12-14 17:34:00

Lovely Can'o'Tea

In Japan you're never far from a nice cuppa. Just head over to the nearest vending machine and grab a can of Royal Milk Tea for 120 yen. It comes pre-heated and contains 23% milk.

Royal Milk Tea

On second thoughts, don't. It tastes like - and in fact is - milky tea which has been kept warm in a can for a long time.


2007-12-07 19:44:00  2007-12-07 19:44:00

Sake Vending Machine

Sake Vending Machine

Purveying small cans / cups of sake from 櫻正宗 (Sakura Masamune). Seen in Asakusa, Tokyo, in June 2005.

2007-12-06 19:40:00  2007-12-06 19:40:00

Milk Vending Machine

Milk Vending Machine

Seen in Kawagoe (川越), northwest of Tokyo, in 2004.

2007-12-05 20:29:00  2007-12-05 20:29:00

Condom Vending Machine

Located discretely outside this liquor store on the main street of a medium-sized village in Niigata Prefecture: the Condom Vending Machine.

Condom Vending Machine

2007-11-28 19:59:00  2007-11-28 19:59:00

Tissue Vending Machine

Tissue Vending Machine at Harajuku Station

At Harajuku Station in Tokyo (2002).

2007-11-22 19:30:00  2007-11-22 19:30:00


Omikuji Vending Machine in Kokura

An omikuji vending machine in Kokura.

2007-11-21 19:08:00  2007-11-21 19:08:00

Rice Vending Machine

Rice Vending Machine

A rice vending machine somewhere in northwestern Kyushu (2002).